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The Prime Times Signature Card, Honors Card and Basic Card are the three options to choose from.  The key difference between the “BASIC” and the “SIGNATURE” card is that the basic card does NOT earn points towards free rounds but the Prime Times Signature Card does.    As for the Prime Times “HONORS” cards, we view it as an upgraded Signature Card giving members the ability to book tee times online up to 5 days in advance.  (NOTE:  The Prime Time Signature and Basic memberships only allow for up to 72 hour advance bookings)

Our Opinion:

If you love playing golf, at a minimum of TWO of the 21 Participating golf courses and play at LEAST 10 rounds a year.  You should consider purchasing a “PRIME TIMES SIGNATURE CARD” from the Founders Club International (FGI).  This membership gives you the best bang for your buck with heavily discounts rates on tee times year rounds, online reservations are allowed up to 72 hours in advance and you earn point towards free rounds in the future.


Basic:  $129 + 9.68 tax = $138.68   (*No round credits / points)

Signature Card:  $299 +  22.43 tax = $321.43

Honors Card:  $599 + 44.93 tax = $643.93

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