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Serving you the top Myrtle Beach golf memberships in South Carolina and surrounding areas. From the hottest tee times to the best golf loyalty programs on the East Coast, you’ll never miss the green with the latest golf membership information.

Why Golf Membership?

It is one thing to play a sport we all love, every few weekends here and there. It is another thing to truly experience golf with a thriving community that promotes specials, social events, and the passion of the game. Golf Memberships are a great way to connect with other golfers who are motivated to find the tee.

Best Golf Loyalty Card

Free rounds.  Membership Golf Specials. Deals. Social Events. You were thinking it couldn’t get any better, but  it certainly can. Platinum Golf Membership™ is swooning golfers up and down the East Coast, and is unlike any other golf loyalty card on the market. Check it out for yourself.

Multi-Course Golf Memberships

The MOST POPULAR golf membership type in Myrtle Beach is the Multi-Course membership type.  We help you make sense of your options and give you some tips and tricks before purchasing…

Memberships on all Levels

Loyalty Programs

Play golf and win golf. It’s a pretty simple concept. However, there are very few golf loyalty programs that do just that. There few little programs that truly award a golfer for playing the game they love. Luckily, we know a few.

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Golf Club  Memberships

Everyone has that one course that we just can’t get enough of. In most cases, these courses will host a membership to their club, offering special tournaments, deals, and social events.


Golf Resort Memberships

For all the non-golfers or those who enjoy the extras that comes with a resort, there is a unique place for you. Golf Resorts often have the best restaurant, grounds, pools, spas, and amenities. Want special access to these bonuses?

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The Greatest Golf Community in the South.

Through Myrtle Beach Golf Memberships, I was able to connect with other golfers who love the sport. I’ve found amazing course rates and tournaments. These guys are legit!
- Platinum Golf Member, connected through Myrtle Beach Golf Memberships

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