Multi-Course or Single Course?

Golfing is more than just hitting balls on the grass. It’s a passion – a way of life that brings people from all walks of life together. If you’re a golfer, you know that the Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina offers some of the best golf courses in the world. But with so many courses available, it can be challenging to decide which ones to play. That’s where a golf membership(s) comes in handy. At, we explain the benefits of both multi-course and single course memberships to help you find the perfect golf membership for you.

1. Multi-Course Membership Benefits:

If you’re a golfer looking for access to multiple courses in the Myrtle Beach area, a multi-course membership could be right for you. (These are the most popular!) Multi-course golf membership programs can provide HUGE BENEFITS but vary widely (ie. some offer long term loyalty benefits and others just offer discounts on greens fees).  We spell it all out for you and recommend a couple memberships that we think are “NO BRAINERS” for our golfing friends.  Learn more about Multi-course golf memberships here.

2. Single Course Membership Benefits:

For golfers who prefer to play a specific course regularly, a single course membership may be the better option.  If you play a given course more than 20 times per year, chances are a single course membership to that course can get you perks you never even considered.  We highlight several of the most popular single course golf memberships in the area.  Learn more about single-course golf memberships here.

3. Special Discounts and Offers:

End of the day, its all about picking a golf membership that provides you with the best discounts, loyalty rewards and course selection you desire. helps golfers understand the differences, benefits and participating courses included in a variety of golf memberships.


Whether you’re looking to play on a single course or take on multiple courses in the Myrtle Beach area, has got you covered.  Visit our website today and get started on your golfing journey in the Myrtle Beach area!