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Golf Memberships:  Single Course or Multi-Course?

If you are searching for a golf membership in the Myrtle Beach area*, we have a little advice for you.  First, everything depends on how frequent of a player you are.  For instance, if you love to play course ABC 8 out of 10 rounds of golf then you should definitely explore becoming a member of course ABC.  Many courses offer direct membership (aka. Single Course Memberships) that basically guarantee you are playing for the lowest rates and getting the best advanced booking opportunities.

On the other hand, if you annually play golf in the area at a wide variety of courses a “Multi-course” Golf membership super easy to justify.  Again, everything comes down to how often you play and what your favorite golf courses are.  Some memberships give discounted Pricing and Loyalty Rewards.   Others just give a discounted price.  Either way, the variety of multi-course golf membership seem to continue to grow ultimately benefiting the golfers.


The cost of most Multi-course golf memberships are so cheap you could buy them all and you will likely still save money at the end of the day.  Golf Courses almost always have a “Club Membership” (aka. Single Course Membership) that is the best way to enjoy 50 or more rounds at a specific course.  Golf Course also tend to have relationships with other membership or card programs that they support.  All multi-course golf memberships give great rates to LOCAL GOLFERS.  Just pick one or two that cover the golf courses you play most and you will save money, get better information and likely great access to tee times.

*Note:  The Myrtle Beach Golf area is normally defined as the golf courses along the east coast on North and South Carolina from Pawleys Island, SC up to the edge of Wilmington, NC